Welcome! to NYMT’s Residential Investment Page for Loan Sellers.  We engage the residential loan market by completing hundreds of Bulk trades per year with settlements ranging from one to many thousands of loans at a time across the following sectors:

•    Agency Kick 
•    Non-QM
•    Non-Agency
•    Seconds
•    Seasoned Portfolios
•    Investor
•    Fix-N-Flip
•    Re-performing
•    Sub-performing 

Selling to a 1.5+bln market cap public REIT has many advantages for a seller.  
NYMT transaction management team is dedicated to customer service, which means meeting your expected funding timelines.  With significant market capitalization, NYMT engages in sizable loan trades while maintaining staff and technology built to close one loan at a time.  While many loan buyers will come in and out of the market due to liquidity or securitization viability, the permanent capital of a public REIT provides for a stable investment platform.  We can maintain consistency through various market conditions with a broad range of loan types.  We strive to deliver our Selling partners an excellent experience from pricing to clearing collateral exceptions in diligence to funding. This is how we earned the trust of hundreds of Sellers.  Customer service is a priority! 

Should you want to discuss potential loan sales and/or forward bid tapes directly to NYMT for pricing, please send loan information to for an immediate response.  

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